Good Day

Thank you for supporting SA Pigeon and Diaz OLR.

Congratulations you were the highest bidder on our Diaz pre-bidding auction.
SA Pigeon or Diaz Loft management will phone you on the day of the auction when the bidding go

To ensure us to do so we need the following from you.

Your name and surname.
Your contact number and maybe a backup number if we can’t find you on the first number.
The lot numbers you are interested in.

Please send this to before Saturday 8 September at 12h00.
Please make sure that you are near your phone on Sunday (auction day). We will phone you. If there
is no answer from your side or we can’t reach you SA Pigeon or Diaz loft management loft will leave
a message on your phone and the auction will continue.

If there are no higher bids than yours on the auction you will be the winner and Diaz loft
management will contact you with payment and shipping arrangements.