The auctioneer has the absolute discretion to determine the winning bidder, to cancel the sale or re-offer and resell any disputed item.

In order for you to place a bid you must first register. You can do this by clicking on Login/Register on the home page and completing the form.

Place your bid once you have selected the item you want to bid on.

You can place a Proxy if you like. The Proxy feature allows you to place your maximum acceptable bid for this item. This way, your bids will be automatically increased to the next acceptable bid increment should someone outbid your initial bid.

The Proxy always wins in the event that someone ties your maximum acceptable bid!

All auctions have a reserve or minimum bid. If not met the item will not be sold.

Please note there are set bid increments in place. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure his bid is displayed correctly. The increments will be R100 or more.

The starting bid must be equal to or greater than the stated minimum bid.

Bids are processed in order received and processed immediately.

Tie bids will be awarded to the first submission based on the server clock. Please note the proxy always wins if it is a tie.

Starting bids equal to the minimum will be posted at the minimum. Starting bids greater than the minimum will be posted as the amount bid unless the “Proxy” feature is used.

The Proxy feature is an optional feature which allows you to place an upper limit bid on an item. This way you do not have to be present to raise your bid to the next acceptable bid level should someone else outbid you. If someone outbids you, the Proxy acts as your agent and raises your bid to the next bid increment above the new bidder. This will continue until your Proxy limit is reached. Your Proxy always wins in the event that someone ties your upper limit bid.

The winning bidder will be the highest bid received prior “bid closing”.

The Server clock is the final arbiter of the “bid closing”.

The hammered price will be equal to the highest bid. The item will be awarded to the winning bidder at the hammered price.

The sex of the pigeons on offer cannot be guaranteed.

Although all pigeons on offer were fertile last time, they were bred it cannot be guaranteed.

The final results of the auction will be published on the site.

The winning bidder will be notified and EFT payment must be received within 48 Hours after the auction closes. If not received in time the auctioneer has the absolute discretion to cancel the sale, re-offer or resell any disputed item. (Unless there is a written agreement for late payment in place)

The Seller will ship to the buyer in a timely manner.

If SA Pigeon ships the birds for you, it will be at a cost of R100 per pigeon to the nearest courier. Shipping costs between the buyer and the courier service of his choice have nothing to do with SA Pigeon and are also for the buyer’s account. Although SA Pigeon will assist in the shipping process it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange his own shipping.

When outbid, you will be sent an email message as soon as someone overbids you.

From your account dashboard you can view your recent orders, manage your shipping and billing address and edit your password and account details.

Thanks for supporting SA Pigeon

SA Pigeon Proxy bid

From time to time SA Pigeon receives requests to bid on behalf of third parties. Poor internet signal, being on the road or not being fully computer literate are just some of the reasons.

To facilitate proxy-bidding, we will use the username After the auction, anybody is welcome to contact us for the name and number of the actual bidder.

We trust this will enable us to deliver an even better service to both sellers and buyers.

SA Pigeon management