Pietersen Family Loft Lot 3 ZA JJJ 2021 923 2013 was an exceptional year with three national ace pigeon titles as a crowning achievement! Filip Herbots is the founder of the Herbots pigeon dynasty. He has been a fancier with a worldwide reputation for 60 years. Filip and his brother Jos started keeping pigeons in 1955 at the age of 14 and 12 respectively. They were very enthusiastic and they wanted to prove themselves. One of the first memorable moments was the introduction of the Stoces bloodline, of which a total of 124 pigeons were obtained. They also purchased pigeons from the Cerinx brothers (Nieuwerkerken, BE) and in 1991 the entire pigeon family of the great champion Karel Schellens (Kessel) was transferred to the Herbots lofts in Halle-Booienhoven. Pigeons from Soontjens, Roman Loozen, Ludo Helsen and Van Avondt & son were added later on

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ZA JJJ 2021 923


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Sire BELG 2019 2131613



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Dam BELG 2019 2131928



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3rd November 2021 6:25 pmR5,250.00Karin
3rd November 2021 6:24 pmR5,000.00PB Auto
3rd November 2021 6:24 pmR4,750.00Karin
3rd November 2021 6:24 pmR4,500.00PB Auto
3rd November 2021 6:24 pmR4,250.00Karin
3rd November 2021 6:23 pmR4,000.00PB Auto
3rd November 2021 6:23 pmR3,750.00Karin
3rd November 2021 6:23 pmR3,500.00PB Auto
3rd November 2021 6:23 pmR3,250.00Karin
3rd November 2021 6:22 pmR3,000.00PB Auto
3rd November 2021 6:22 pmR2,750.00Karin
3rd November 2021 3:41 pmR2,500.00PB
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